Respite and Short Breaks
At Freedom Support we provide short breaks and respite services to the people we support.

We recognise the huge importance of these services for families and carers.

Through the use of Individual budgets, Direct Payments and the drive towards personalisation by Commissioners, we aim to give families more control over how they want to use their budgets.

Respite allocation has enabled us to develop a range of new and exciting services tailored to offer more choice to families. Some of these services may include supporting individuals from their own homes where by our staff will move in to coordinate the support and the families to go away for their respite break or we can provide respite services whereby we can take the individual away on a short break. These services are flexible and have an emphasis on being person focused and providing quality lead outcomes to the people we support.

Our aim is to enable families to take a break and to have the reassurance that their family member is being well supported to the highest level possible.

Person Centred Approaches to Planning
Our Short Break and respite service focuses on a holistic person centred approach. We do this by ensuring the individual using the services is at the centre of ‘their’ provision.

The individual using the service, alongside their family, will be encouraged to identify what they would like to achieve during their break.

We are very proud of our Respite and short break services that we have already provided to individuals.

At Freedom support we empower service users to be actively involved in choosing who supports them. We match the staff team using skill base, knowledge, experience, and to the activities selected to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. All of our staff team are highly trained in meeting the specific needs of each individual, however, we will put in place detailed support plans, risk assessments and work with relevant professionals in a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure each individual is fully supported and needs meet a quality outcome.

Funding your short break or respite services can come from many different avenues. The funding source may come from the Local Authority, an Individual Budget, a Direct Payments, ILF, through a broker or private funding, or a combination of these, we have the systems and process in place to help you maximise each budget effectively.

We also have highly trained staff that have extensive knowledge of direct payments that can support you to decide how to get the most out of your scheme.