Direct payments and personal budgets

At Freedom Support we strongly believe in providing person centred care to the individuals that we support. We recognise that everyone should be at the centre of their own life. Direct payments and personal budgets provide this.

Through a Holistic person focused approach we empower people and their support network to take control of how to use their allocated budget, giving them the autonomy to choose the services and support services which best meets their needs. This can include

  • Supporting people to develop their independent living skills and build and maintain their social network
  • accessing the local and wider community including social, leisure, voluntary work, education and employment activities and opportunities
  • being supported in the family home or within people own homes
  • supporting people to go on holiday, take a short break and access respite services with their family or enable their family to have quality respite provision
  • supporting people with daily living tasks, with their personal care needs and supporting people to access their healthcare professionals when required

What your direct payments can be used for

Direct payments are cash payments given to service users in lieu of community care services such as Freedom Support. Direct payments are intended to give people a greater choice in their care.

Direct payments recipients are given the choice to decide how their eligible needs are met, either by employing people, often known as personal assistants, or by commissioning services like Freedom Support.

Your Social worker will be the person who will carry out your initial assessment.


What your personal budget can be used for 

Personal budgets are an allocation of funding given to users after an assessment which should be sufficient to meet their assessed needs. People then can either take their personal budget as a direct payment, or – while still choosing how their care needs are met and by whom – leave councils with the responsibility to commission the services like freedom support. Or they can take have some combination of the two. As a result personal budgets provide a potentially good option for people who do not want to take on the responsibilities of a direct payment. Personal budgets have been rolled out in England since 2008, with a target of providing every council-funded user of community-based support with one by 2013.