Learning Disability

photo.JPG[2] Freedom Support provides high quality services for people with learning disabilities. We provide bespoke, person centred services to meet the flexible needs of our service users and their families. Our services are designed specifically for the particular individual based on their assessed needs and outcomes as well as larger contracts which offer flexibility and choice to individuals over the age of 18.

We have developed a range of services including intensive support for people with challenging behaviours, dual diagnosis, autism specific services, services for people with additional physical and sensory needs and community support for people who are more independent. We work closely with families, carers and other health care professionals.

Freedom Support has embedded a culture where by service user participation within the organisation is a fundamental part to our services.

We have regular forums for service users and their families and facilitate meetings and social events in order to prevent isolation and provide support to each other.
Freedom Support is committed to providing high quality, person centred services which promote the independence, choice and inclusion of the people we support and we have an excellent track record for the delivery of services which are truly personalised.

Across our organisation we highlight the importance of people being supported in a holistic way and are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities to ensure that individuals that we support enjoy full and active lifestyles. This helps to increase social inclusion and to make sure that people with learning disabilities have full access to the community resources, events and activities available. This in turn improves health and well-being and gives people the opportunity to strengthen their social networks and develop their confidence in social situations.


Freedom Support has embedded the key points of the government’s Valuing People White Paper and Valuing People Now. We have adopted a person centred approach to ensuring that people with learning disabilities and complex needs:

  • Have the same legal and civil rights as everyone else
  • Are included in all aspects of their local community
  • Have real choice and control over their daily lives
  • Have real chances to achieve greater independence wherever possible
  • Enjoy health, well-being and opportunities for fulfilment

The main key part to our approach of Person Centred Planning is that the individual is at the centre of their plan and life, we make sure that service users and carers are fully involved in the development of Person Centred Plans and are fully involved in the contents of the plan, which is reviewed at regular intervals.

All our employees working in our services for people with learning disabilities are trained in Person Centred Planning: thus working in person centred ways, promoting rights and choices and developing Person Centred Plans (ELP, Path and MAP) with our service users. Our staff are also trained to meet specialist communication needs so they can facilitate Person Centred Planning with service users who have little or no verbal communication, using communication techniques such as British Sign Language (BSL), Makaton and Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS). This enables service users are able to plan around their individual needs, goals, preferences and outcomes.

Freedom Support believes that everyone should have the same opportunities and life style choices irrespective of any disability. Our staff are carefully recruited and guided to ensure that their attitude is one of respect, care, compassion & and value.

Freedom Support expects all staff to ‘listen’ carefully at all times to service users and take appropriate action based upon their wishes, intentions and dreams.

We believe that Freedom Support offer a high quality and valuable service and will continue to strive to ensure that we make a difference to all.