Physical Disabilities


Freedom Support provides high quality services for people with all types of disability whether it be a condition apparent at birth or an acquired disability. We provide bespoke, person centred services to meet the flexible needs of our service users and their families. Our services are designed specifically for the particular individual’s based on their assessed needs and outcomes.

Freedom Support believes that people who have any disability have the same right to a full and meaningful and active life.

As a person focused service provider our philophsy is to support people to enjoy a full and active life if they wish to do so.

We fully understand that individuals have varying needs and wishes and we ensure that staff are able to provide support that is variable according to that particular persons wishes. It may be that individuals have a condition which varies in the affect that it has on them on a day to day basis, our staff will be trained to vary what support is given to allow for this. The individuals we support or their families will always be involved in how their care is provided and will always have a point of contact and regular reviews. We work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and are happy to liaise with other health professionals when required.

Freedom Support will also support where possible to identify and access any additional equipment that may support individuals with day to day living which may allow them to become more independent. This may include accessing IT or communication devices or even physical aides such as bathing or toileting aides.

Freedom Support will always ensure that individuals are supported in a holistic way and that support is outcome focused.

All staff will be fully trained and regularly updated in moving and handling and hoisting. We will work closely with individual’s occupational therapists to ensure that the individual’s health & safety is always maintained.

Freedom Support Ltd are also involved in developing links and supporting individual’s to access local or regional support/peer groups and welcome suggestions or requests.

We believe that Freedom Support offer a high quality and valuable service and will continue to strive to ensure that we make a difference to all.